Paul and Truck is an established and committed to all its customers by offering the alliance between “service and technology” , resulting in efficiency , modernity and profitability.

Paul and Truck has equipped its entire fleet of transport of goods by road with a GPS tracking system and highly effective management.

A GPS system that allows our company to improve operational efficiency and cost optimization of our fleet. Within seconds, we have daily and weekly data for each of our vehicles (driving , available time , distance in km . , Distance to destination , etc. … ) .All this development can improve the effectiveness and efficiency our services, moving all the benefits of this management to our customers.


Paul and Truck crosses all these benefits to our customers by providing exclusive access for customers, with which they can display on their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile status of their cargo in real time (knowing where you are and how long it takes to reach its destination).

Access to the service is very simple, once contracted the transport of goods by road, Paul and Truck sends to the user a code and password that must be entered in the control panel of the GPS system available on our web When inserting the key in the system will show the data provided throughout the service.


Paul and Truck provides customers who request the “Day After Day service, receiving daily email detailed service report (distance, distance to destination, etc.).


ollow every minute of the load, which provides vital security service reliability.


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